War in all segments: BMW vs Mercedes in auto motor und sport analysis

BMW vs Mercedes
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BMW X1, X2 Mini Countryman vs Mercedes GLA and GLB

The current GLA is too compact to fight against the new BMW X1, so Mercedes is planning another SUV, that will be placed between the GLA (4.42-meter long) and the GLC (4.60-meter long). Named GLB, the new 4.60-meter SUV will take over the angular lines of the legendary G-Class and will offer the option for seven seats. With this strategy, Mercedes is in the position to offer a rival for BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer in the shape of an SUV.

Planned for 2018, the new GLB will also benefit from the longer wheelbase of the MFA platform evolution.

Mercedes GLB

On the other hand, BMW will put more pressure on the GLA with the new Countryman. With 20 cm more length and a 460-liter boot volume, the second generation of the Mini Countryman will offer a similar interior space like the GLA. The new Countryman will be shown at the Paris Motor Show and will be available with 3- and 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines and with front and all-wheel drive. A Plug-In Hybrid with a 34-km electric range is under development.

BMW has been very successful with the SUV-coupe species. The sales of the X4 and the X6 have skyrocketed in 2015. 46,305 X6 units (+over 50%) and 55,050 X4 (+153.8%) were sold in 2015.

A third SUV-coupe – the BMW X2 – will be launched in 2017 and will join the X1 family.


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