War in all segments: BMW vs Mercedes in auto motor und sport analysis

BMW vs Mercedes
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Auto Motor und Sport, the Bible of car magazines, published a comparison analysis of how Mercedes and BMW will develop their range in the next years. We will see even more niches covered and the SUV versions will grow even more. BMW vs Mercedes is a never ending story.

The compact range

Both carmakers registered very good sales with the compact range. Mercedes overtook the initial target of 500,000 units for its new compact range. 582,531 compact models based on the new MFA platform (A, B, CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLA) were sold in 2015. All models are based on the new MFA platform.

BMW is in the middle of a platform switch for the compact range. The new UKL architecture is used for the new Mini 3 and 5 doors and for the new Clubman. Both the new Mini Cabrio (premiere at Geneva) and the new Countryman will also use the new platform, which is the base for the BMW X1, 2 Series Active Tourer and Grand Tourer. BMW sold 338,466 Minis last year and 157,144 units BMW 2 Serie (2 Series Active Tourer, Grand Tourer, 2 Series coupe and cabrio). There were no figures published for the X1 and the 1 Series.

How will the future look?

BMW 1 Series vs Mercedes A-Class

The next BMW 1 Series will take over the UKL architecture based on the front wheel drive. The new 1 Series will be launched in 2017.

The next A-Class generation will start in 2018 on a more flexible MFA platform. The new platform will be lighter and will allow the extension of the wheelbase with up to 20 cm.

BMW 1 Serie

Mercedes A-Class

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