WALL ST license plate for sale. S-Class attached

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The license plate craze started back in the 80’s with prices soaring in the subsequent two decades. It’s time for a new coveted combo to go under the hammer: WALL ST.

The plate in question turned up on eBay last week and it is registered in the great state of New York. The asking price? A not so steep $12,000. And here comes the catch. The tag also comes with the car it has been residing on in tow. What else than a Mercedes-Benz.

A 2002 S430 to be more precise. The burgundy red S-Class has 90.000 miles on its clock, a reasonable mileage given its age. The seller is also the first owner so the service history should be in pristine condition.

Bloomberg has covered this juicy piece of news in a video reel posted on youtube, as well, so enjoy the film.