Vision AMG: an idea of ​​a future own electric Mercedes-AMG on the AMG.EA platform

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Mercedes has introduced a spectacular concept that gives us an idea of ​​what a full-electric Mercedes-AMG might look like in the future. It is built on the future AMG.EA platform.

From 2025, all Mercedes-AMG models will use the new AMG.EA platform and the Vision AMG concept presents an idea of ​​what a full electric Mercedes-AMG could look like after 2025.

Mercedes announced on this occasion that it intends to develop a full electric model in Affalterbach that has no Mercedes counterpart as is the case with the AMG GT for the conventional propulsion.

“We’re developing everything from scratch, from the dedicated AMG.EA platform to the revolutionary drivetrain technology with which we will take performance electric mobility to a whole new level, ”says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Although the drop-shaped body line reminds us of the Mercedes EQXX, the two concepts have nothing in common. The drop shape is dictated by aerodynamics but in the case of Vision AMG Mercedes does not announce the value of the CX.

The sporty proportions are obvious from the side, noting the long wheelbase, the short front console, and the long aerodynamically optimized rear console. The rear and side windows are painted in Alubeam silver colour just like a car. The roof line elegantly descends backwards to the rear spoiler.

Everything is drawn from a white sheet of paper: from the AMG.EA platform to the high-voltage battery and propulsion system. Vision AMG is powered by the axial flow motor developed by YASA, the specialist in high performance electric motors, acquired by Mercedes last year.

In order to preserve its AMG identity, Vision AMG has a specific AMG grille with vertical bars, although the electric propulsion does not require cooling and the presence of a radiator. But the futuristic look is provided by illuminated bars and three-dimensional exterior contour, and the Mercedes logo is positioned on the hood as in the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar.

Headlights are a new approach to Mercedes. The three LEDs form a three dimensional Mercedes star and are connected with a light strip above the grille. This can display a variety of animations from a welcome signature to constant light.

At the rear are three round LED lights positioned very low, just above the diffuser which is painted black for contrast. Vision AMG runs on 22-inch wheels with aero claddings, the AMG logo and elements on the sills and diffuser in the Petronas colors.

Despite its low and very sporty appearance, the Vision AMG is a 4-door coupe with a lower height than the EQS, but thanks to a clever floor design, it offers enough space for four people.