VIDEO. The Mercedes GLT caught by the spy photographers

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Mercedes-Benz knows exactly what to do with cars. From the off-road daredevil G-Class all the way to the utility vehicles. The time has come for the Stuttgart grand brand to put the two together in the shape of the Mercedes GLT.

It has been officially confirmed: the first ever pick-up in the history of Mercedes-Benz shall see the light of day by the end of the decade. Even though it has been known and heard of since March 2015, it has finally been spotted now, testing on the road, wrapped in a massive layer of camouflage. What should we expect from it?

We should probably estimate a vehicle powered by a Nissan engine, but also by the company’s own 4- and 6-cylinder units, both diesel and petrol, coupled with 6-speed manual transmissions or 7-speed automatic gearboxes. Even though, technically, it stands inches away from the recently launched NP 300 Navara, from the spy photos, the Mercedes variant seems to come with wider tracks than those of its Japanese sibling. We though expect that all the technical features – from the chassis to the axles – would be taken from the Navara, still, the Mercedes GLT will probably look completely different, embracing the Stuttgart-based brand design language. The premium vehicle typical price and its positioning within the upper segment shall have to be justified somehow…

One thing is clear: the variant available upon launch shall feature the 4-door cab and a trailer, as seen testing in the spy photos. The GLT shall have to go up against the all-new VW Amarok, as well as the future Mazda pick-up. It is certain that, benefiting from the Navara technology, featuring the transfer case, the rear locking differential and the Mercedes engines and design, the German’s worries are half gone.


Written by: Bogdan Grigorescu.
Source: FloteAuto.