VIDEO: Mercedes-Maybach S 600 tested in Santa Barbara by

Mercedes-Maybach S 600
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Since Daimler officially revealed the Mercedes-Maybach, automotive media outlets were excited at the possibility of taking the majestic limousine for a spin. Here’s what had to say about the new Mercedes-Maybach S 600.

Although having the opportunity of reviewing such a car will without doubt get most of us bursting with excitement, the two journalists don’t seem that happy during their video presentation.

Of course, that’s not the most important thing here. After going through a bunch of technical specs and prices (which we’re sure you all know by now), the two presenters start talking about the “bling-bling” factor which is present on the Mercedes-Maybach‘s exterior.

The other half of the video is focused on the Mercedes-Maybach’s luxurious interior and on actual driving and feeling the car’s behavior on the road.

The two presenters are speaking English so you shouldn’t have a problem understanding what they’re saying. The full video is available below: