V8 Is Not Dead Yet and It’s Coming Back to America

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The V8 engine is not dead just yet. Mercedes-Benz is still offering V8-powered versions of various models in America.

A report according to which Mercedes is killing the V8 engine sparked panic among the fans of the power mill. “Buy it before it’s gone” convinced some to do so and others to overcharge when selling their V8-powered models.

Mercedes actually decided to temporarily halt production of V8 versions last year. The premium car maker then blamed it on the supply chain issues, but analysts went on to say that the level of emissions was actually to blame for the move. Just as guilty was considered the push for the electrification as the EQ range continued to gain ground.

Now the car company has released the updated Quick Reference Guides and it confirms that the GLE 580 4MATIC and the GLS 580 4MATIC are available once again. They are not back in the MBUSA configurator just yet, but that is probably just a matter of time.

Both of them get the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that delivers 490 PS (483 HP) and 699 Nm (516 lb-ft). The system benefits from the presence of a 48V electrical system and of a starter generator replacing the alternator and conventional starter motor. The SUV thus becomes more powerful than the entry-level Mercedes-AMG GT. A 0.9-kWh battery makes the car run in an all-electric mode.

But when the V8 engine is in charge, the GLE 580 4MATIC covers the gap from zero to 60 mph (0-96 mph) in approximately 4.9 seconds. Its bigger brother takes 5.2 seconds for the same acceleration. Their top speed is of 210 km/h (approximately 130 mph).

The V8-powered G 550, G 63 and GLE 63 will be back in the offer. But there are still models missing. No sign of the E 63, GLS 63 and GT 63 4-Door Coupe just yet. Those willing to get one will just have to wait and see what Mercedes-Benz is up to next.