V12 powered Mercedes supercar could become reality

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A V12 Mercedes supercar must be the dream of any Benz fan, regardless of age or social status. Good news then, since the Daimler boys are apparently working on such a mega coupe, expected to see the daylight in 2018.

Set to become the bigger brother of the current Mercedes-AMG GT, this all-new supercar should offer something entirely new for the Mercedes aficionado, already accustomed to the tendency of Mercedes’ mightiest coupes to stick with smaller V12 engines.

True, the S-Class based AMG coupes have run on V12 power for years, but a true supercar enlivened by such a glorious engine has been something that alluded the brand.

Now, Mercedes engineers are said to be hard at work preparing an all-new halo car. News has broken after a Mercedes-AMG product planner in Austria has spilled the beans to our colleagues from Autoblog.

The all-new V12 Mercedes supercar will in fact be a hybrid, following the lead of recent LaFerrari and McLaren P1 hypercars. As alredy proved by the two models, the electric motor-battery pack setup actually proved to be a great idea, the lightning quick acceleration provided by the rev-less engine being hard to beat by any internal combustion competitor.

The Austrian insider has also been quick to address the fate of the current Mercedes-AMG GT, said to carry on as Mercedes’ entry-level halo-car and gradually expand with newer and faster versions like the upcoming GT 3 and the Black Series variants.