Up to a metre snow is no big deal for the Unimog

Mercedes-Benz Unimog
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Two Mercedes-Benz Unimog were used to rapidly clear snow from a heliport and the local authority and military representatives were delighted with the performance of the new generation Unimog.

The heliport with a surface area of over 25,000 square metres involved a large-scale safety exercise where 1,500 police and 150 vehicles took part as a preparation for the next June’s G7 summit.

The G7 summit, the long-planned meeting of the most important heads of governments of the world’s leading industrial nations will be held at Schloss Elmau and the organizing work is now in full swing.

„Gipfel-Vorbereiter“: Unimog Geräteträger BlueTec 6 als Sc

In early March, the specially constructed helipads were buried under more than a metre of snow. Two vehicles were given a chance to show what they were made of: a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 423 with a 170 kW 4-cylinder engine and a KFS 750 cutter blower with a clearing width of 2,200 mm, and a Unimog U 430 with the 220 kW (272 hp) variant of the 6-cylinder engine and equipped with the more powerful Kahlbacher KFS 950 cutter blower with a clearing width of 2,400 mm. The vehicles, supplied by Henne Unimog GmbH in Heimstetten, near Munich, completed their task in just under two hours. That was all it took to clear the heliport site that covers more than two hectares and the many representatives of the authorities and army personnel involved in organizing the summit were truly impressed.

„Gipfel-Vorbereiter“: Unimog Geräteträger BlueTec 6 als Sc

One observer was particularly pleased with the successful snow-clearing demonstration: Hans-Jörg Mayr, manager of the Krün council works depot. His team has been called upon on a daily basis to help with the preparations for the G7 summit. His department is responsible for all road maintenance.