Unleash the beast! Mercedes F1 W07 makes public debut in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
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The beast was unleashed today in Barcelona, where the 2016 F1 W07 made its first public appearance. World champion Lewis Hamilton and runner up Nico Rosberg took the cover off the racing car that is supposed to make history for the third consecutive season.

Looking sleek and ready to join the battle, but still, the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 W07 has to go through pre-season testing, now that the ranking points have been reset to zero for all teams.

The drivers had already tested it around Silverstone, but the Spanish racetrack brings 20 degrees more and totally different circumstances. “It’s like when you buy a new road car and drive it home for the first time”, says the world’s best Formula 1 driver right now, Lewis Hamilton.

“We still remain humble, feet on the ground”, says the Head of the Motorsport division in Mercedes-Benz, Toto Wolff. “You can never take anything for granted in this sport – or rely on past success.”

Barcelona F1 W07

The 21-race season starts in Melbourne and got a new city, in Baku, Azerbaijan, so the drivers have started training early.

“It’s tough on the team, as they’re working so hard and staying away from their families for so long. The cars will be pushed further, too, and for the drivers, there are more points to be won and lost, meaning the fight for the Championship will be even more challenging and open than it has been in the past”, Lewis Hamilton predicts.

And that surely is a Championship that both Mercedes AMG PETRONAS drivers are dreaming of. “I’ve proven I can win, I’ve proven I can fight and I’ve proven I can bounce back. I am absolutely focused and determined that this is my year”, Nico Rosberg threatens his teammate and rival.