Unique moment în Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton, the only driver on the starting grid at Hungaroring

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Mad race at Hungaroring, where the first turn brought the first cars out. From the first spot on the racetrack, Lewis Hamilton became last, third and then second, following Vettel’s disqualification. Esteban Ocon was the first to cross the finish line in Hungary.

The red flags were up from the very first lap at Hungaroring. Valtteri Bottas had a slow start, tried to push back, but failed to brake in time. He rear-ended Lando Norris and turned the scene into a billiards table. Max Verstappen remained in the race, but with serious damage to his car. Valtteri though was out.

All drivers entered the pits to change tires, except one. Lewis Hamilton chose to remain on the race track. At the restart, he was the only one on the starting grid. All others started from the pits.

„Yes, it’s dry”, Lewis told his tem. He was therefore told to „Box, box, box!” After the late pit, he had to chase the others.

His greatest opponent this season, Max Verstappen, wasn’t doing much better. The Dutch was in the 10th position after the restart.

Lewis Hamilton, overtaking after overtaking at Hungaroring

With cheers from the spectators’ side, in lap 21, Lewis Hamilton passed Max Verstappen, just coming off the pitlane, and Daniel Ricciardo, almost simultaneously.

The Brit had a hard time for a coupe of laps with Alpine’s Fernando Alonso. The Brit eventually managed to pass and started chasing Carlos Sainz. Hamilton passed him as well, but it was too late for him to get any closer to Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Ocon. The 24-year old Alpine driver achieved his first victory in Formula One.

According to F1.com, after the race, Sebastian Vettel was disqualified due to a very low amount of fuel in the tank. The F1 regulation requires at least one liter of gas at the end of the race.

Therefore Lewis Hamilton finishes second. He gets extremely precious points in the race for a new world championship title. He becomes once again the leader of the overall ranking. Max Verstappen is 6 point behind him.