Ultimate airport shuttle: Ultra-luxury Mercedes-Benz V-Class by Italdesign and Xingchi

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Ultra-luxury passenger carriers usually come from German tuners, but now we are introduced to a posh airport shuttle with both Italian and Chinese genes. Meet the Xingchi Vulcanus!

Of course, the base for this project is not any MPV, but the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. A V260L to be precise, an extra long, Chinese version of Mercedes’ relatively popular passenger carrier. Italdesign, which was hired for re-designing the special van, did not have to use a saw to extend the bodywork, then.

However, the roof of the V-Class has been firmly raised. This makes it much easier to move around in the interior. For efficient use of space you cannot carry anything in the trunk, because the ‘window sill’ completely blocks the entrance to the luggage compartment and there are no more than two serious seats in the back – really serious and extensively adjustable.

Anyone who wants to take an extra person with them, can look for help in a folding chair that is mounted at the rear of the partition wall. Screens, curtains, leather and wood provide the right ambiance.

Whether or not the ‘Italian style’ that Xingchi speaks about can be found in the Italdesign design, it sure looks very special. The makers foresee a sound business future for the Vulcan, but state that their airport shuttle can also be used as a family car.