Two men arrested for stealing a Mercedes E55 they told they wanted to buy

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Two men were arrested for allegedly stealing a Mercedes E55, after having lied that they were planning on buying it. One of them drove off in the Benz, while another one followed him in a Toyota.

Police were called in northwest of Sydney around 11.30 a.m., after receiving reports of a Mercedes E 55 being stolen. The car had been advertised for private sale. The two called the owner and asked for a test drive in the area.

They arrived at the owner’s home in a Toyota Corolla, inspected the car and drove off, one of them behind the steering wheel of the luxury car and the other one following from behind. The pair never returned to the private residence.

Alerted by the owner, the police initiated a search of the luxury car and the two men. The Mercedes was spotted nearby. Another police crew was called to assist the search. The operation then turned into a high-speed chase. Officers from Cumberland Police Area Command managed to catch up with the Toyota Corolla, leaving the intervention crew in chase of the Mercedes driven by a 32-year old man.

Subsequently, the authorities identified the Corolla as a stolen car as well, driving with stolen number plates.

Police alerts those who are planning on buying cars: always check the details of the prospective buyers. Police investigation is underway.


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