Twingo RS: First Glimpse Of Possible Future Sporty smart

Renault Twingo RS
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Renault is preparing an RS version of the rear wheel drive Twingo, which could be a base for a future sporty smart tuned by Brabus. 

Renault is heavily testing the most powerful version of the Twingo, named RS. Featuring a rear-wheel drive layout, the Twingo is an agile city car, which is about to become even more interesting as a powerful version is being prepared for next year’s launch. The rear wheel drive and the rear mounted engine promise a spectacular handling.

The hottest Twingo will receive an aggressive body complemented by larger wheels, dual exhaust setup, uprated brakes, rear diffuser and a lowered sports suspension.

There are no informations about the engine, but Renault does not have too many choices, because of the tiny space available, which creates space problems, but also cooling problems.

It is very likely that the RS will bear the 0.9 turbo 3-cylinder uprated from 90 HP to somewhere around 120 HP. A better solution would be the 1.2 4-cylinder engine, that delivers 125 HP and a better torque used in Clio.

Since the Renault Twingo shares its platform with the Smart fortwo/forfour, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if there will also be a hot version of the fortwo/forfour tweaked by Brabus, slated to come out sometime in 2015 with probably very similar output.

Foto: Automedia