Tuning test: Mercedes-AMG E 43 morphs into Brabus E 450 with 450 hp

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450 hp! Brabus has almost reinvented the Mercedes-AMG E 43 – with buzzing 21-inch wheels, lower ride height, beefy spoilers and extra horsepower. Exclusive test via autobild.de.

For more than 40 years, Brabus has been refining all Mercedes models. Most of all, of course, since for the AMG versions, it is a special challenge to make them a little faster. The Mercedes-AMG E 43 is no slouch either, after all, with its 401 hp and 520 Nm developed by the three-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, coupled to the standard four-wheel drive. And a specific power of 134 hp per liter of displacement is by far not the end of the flagpole for a modern turbo gasoline engine.

For Brabus, this means: attach additional control unit with 450 PS software and 21-inch wheels and hope that the fat pushes do not completely equalize the performance increase. The Brabus E 450 needs only 4.2 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, while after another 15.9 seconds the speedometer reports 200 km / h. For comparison, the E 43 on 20-inch wheels needed for the same disciplines 4.8 respectively 18.2 seconds.

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The factory car had the disadvantage of 50 Nm less torque compared to the Brabus E 450. Performance aside, responsiveness, power and revving also convince all around. The spectacular start of the V8 AMG E 63 cannot be matched by the three-liter twin turbo E 450, of course, but in everyday life you quickly realize that this is actually no disadvantage.

Compared to the brutal E 63, the power delivery of the E 450 is much more harmonious. Even the acoustic repertoire of the not quite cheap gas exhaust system (5500 euros) is a success: the V6 sings pleasantly, smoky, racy, sporty, but never being unpleasantly loud.

brabus-e450 (6)

The standard pneumatic suspension on the E 43 is programmed to a lower level – which actually only affects the vehicle height, but not the suspension comfort. The latter remains sovereign, only the flat 21-inch tires rolling off very stiff. The huge, very expensive wheels make the E-class undoubtedly handsome, but in favor of the ride comfort we would settle for the standard 19-inch wheels. On the highway what pleases is the highly precise and clean feedback of the steering and the really impeccable handling.

The chassis is very easy to have fun with and holds brave all wheels on the ground even with when dealing with rough bumps. Even in tight bends, the Brabus cancels unpleasant understeer, is surprisingly agile and whirls around neutrally.

Technical data Brabus E 450
Engine V6, Biturbo
Position Longitudinal
Capacity 2996 cm³
kW (PS) / rpm 331 (450)/6100
PS / l 150 PS/l
Nm / rpm 570/3700
Transmission 9-speed-Automatic
Traction Allwheel drive
Front brake discs 360 mm
Rear brake discs 360 mm
Wheels 245/30 – 295/25 R 21
Tires Conti Sport Contact 6
Lenght / Width / Height 4942/1860/1447 mm
Wheelbase 2939 mm
Gas tank 66 l (Super Plus)
Trunk 540 l
Price 103.958 Euro


Effective increase in performance, well-sounding exhaust, ride height lowering without sacrificing comfort – Brabus does everything right and a fast car even faster. Only the pretty, but expensive and hard rolling 21-inch wheels are the ones we would do without.

Via autobild.de


  • Gulraj Dhillon says:

    Dear Cristi,

    I have an E43 AMG 2017 premium plus,20 inch AMG alloys.

    Car registration WV17 GHJ

    I wanted to known if Brabus could offer any modifications to the car like an upgrading to an sports exhaust and possibly remapping the engine to Brabus standards.
    Would the re-mapping of the engine make a noticeable difference?
    You have also mentioned that lowering the car should not affect the ride quality as its currently has 20 inch AMG alloys.

    I also wanted to known if there are any other modifications that you could offer and the costs involved.Which ones would you recommend.

    I look forward to your reply or call, you can reach me direct on 07956-129-236

    Kind Regards

    G Dhillon

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