Truck full of Mercedes-Benz cars rolls over

Harrison County, Mississippi
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A semi-truck carrying brand-new Mercedes-Benz cars rolled over this morning in Harrison Country, Mississippi, while driving along Highway 36, roughly 10 miles west of little town Cynthia.

The driver was not injured in the incident, but the accident caused damages of hundred thousands of dollars. The semi-truck was transporting Mercedes-Benz SUVs to a local dealership and the customers were waiting for a call to come pick up their brand new cars. Now the only calls they will get will bring bad news.

According to witnesses, the man behind the wheel might have lost control while heading towards I-75, due to an animal crossing the roadway.

After the incident, the west bound lane of Highway 36 was closed for hours, with the east bound lane open, but moving very slow, as workers were trying to clean up the scene. It took hours until the Mercedes-Benz cars were untied from the flipped truck and put onto other tow trucks arrived at the crash scene.

The county’s sheriff said the road wasn’t ideal for semi-trucks in the first place, as it is too curvy. “If you operate on the road, you need to be careful. It is though an unfortunate situation, because there’s a lot of money involved. If the truck may have taken another tumble down the hill, we may have had a worse situation”, said the Sheriff.

The authorities say the crash remains under investigation until they can determine the real cause and until they will decide who is paying for the massive damage.