Tribute to firemen. Mercedes-AMG takes people who save lives to the racetrack

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A call. A location. Little information. The beacon starts flashing, the siren starts howling and they don’t know whether they will come out alive this time as well. That is how most deployments start for the firefighters. Mercedes-AMG now pays a tribute to those who are alert 24/7.

They are the ones who risk their lives to keep others safe. Most missions are surprising and not in the best of ways. They never know when duty calls, they never know when or if they come back. Their families and friends have to deal with this fear day in and day out.

“You’ve got to make sacrifices when it comes to your family or being out with your friends”, Marvin says. “When the buzzer goes off, I have to say goodbye.”

Mercedes-AMG racetrack firefighters (1)

“Camaraderie is a nice part of our operations”, says brave Lena. But today, they will not be risking their lives. Mercedes-AMG has a surprise for them. An experience on the racetrack with the company’s GT’s. The Mercedes-AMG GT R and the Mercedes-AMG A 45 at the Baden Driving Center.

Adrenaline on the racetrack with the Mercedes-AMG models

Felix, the Mercedes-AMG Product Manager, broke the news to the firefighters of the Walldorf Fire Department, consisting of 84 people. Bernd Schneider, a 5-time DTM champion, is their instructor.

In order to put the the dynamics, the braking and the stability of the cars to the test, the firefighters do what they do best. Connect the hoses to hydrants and cover the tarmac on water. Drift sessions excites them and makes their minds drift from every day challenges that are mostly matters of life and death.

Mercedes-AMG racetrack firefighters (2)

After an action-packed day for the every day heroes, the crew boards their fire trucks and drives off. Probably to the next mission.

The racetrack experience was the way Mercedes-AMG chose to thank the firefighters for keeping everyone safe.