Transformer 3.0 – the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”

Mercedes-Benz concept car
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Mercedes-Benz strikes again with a surprising appearance. Gordon Wagener, Head of Design Daimler AG, sketched his very own vision of how the automobile shall look in 15 years from now. It was an exclusive drawing for the German magazine “Auto Bild”: the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

Emotion and intelligence. These will be the terms defining the car in 2030. It will be fully automated and completely networked to other similar vehicles. The car will be a high-performance “hot and cool” drive, super technologized, sophisticated and visionary, anticipating plans and gestures by its sensors and cameras, always monitoring our every move.

Transformer 3.0

That is none other than what the chief of Design in Daimler AG, Gordon Wagener, simply calls the Transformer 3.0 – the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core”.

The car will be interactive and counteractive and – as the name chosen by the Design chief himself says – it will… completely transform.

Transformer 3.0

Following the technique of the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA presented in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Transformer 3.0 features the intelligent fiber structures on the inside and the flexible bi-metal structure on the outside, sensually wrapping its sleek proportions. The design will change, the shape will change, the color will change, according to its behavior. It will extend or narrow back into its standard dimensions according to necessities.  Last year’s IAA extends by 25 mm at the front and 20 mm at the rear to improve the airflow.

When will this fireball come onto our streets? This is Wagener’s vision for the car of the 2030s. So let’s settle for our super intelligent limousines and super powerful compacts with new levels in terms of safety and comfort. And let’s just wait and see.

Source: Mercedes-Benz.