Train slams into a Benz, everyone’s all right!

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No, man, you don’t mess with the train! Well, someone somewhere in the U.S. did not know this rule and he tried to fight the railway engine. Before you get to watch the video, you must know this: everyone involved is ok! Now you can watch!


A Mercedes-Benz driver rear-ended a car as he was driving over the railway in West Knox County, Tennessee, around 7:30 in the morning, while commuting to work.

Both drivers got off their cars to check the damages. They were so focused to check their bumpers that they did not even see the train coming.

The iron horse slammed into the Mercedes and dragged the car for 50 yards down the track, before it managed to stop. The driver of the Mercedes, Benjamin Bathe, 22, was not inside the car. He got away with minor injuries and did not need to be admitted into hospital.

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“I was coming over the train tracks and no double yellow lines on the train tracks, like I think there should be, and all of a sudden a huge impact hits and I’m in a daze and I don’t know what happened all I’m glad for is that I’m alive and here,” Bathe told reporters, recovering from shock.

Witnesses caught everything on camera and sent the videos to During the short clip, you can hear other people calling 911, seconds after the impact. The train employee is relieved to know that no one was in the car. He had seen the car from afar and slowed down a little.


“The train was about thirty seconds behind there was a couple people that flagged him down thankfully because it got to slow down a little bit sooner than possible. Just glad that everybody is ok including the other driver, that’s all that matter,” Bathe said.

The driver of the Mercedes, Benjamin Bathe, was cited for driving on the wrong side of the road.