Toughest old guy on the road: the 1924 Mercedes cement-mixer

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When the car enthusiasts collect the objects of their passion, they never think about answering this kind of questions: “What in the world am I going to use this for?” They just want to have it. For no reason. Exactly for the same no-reason reason, a man living in a German village bought the Mercedes-Benz 1924 cement-mixer model.

When you look at its short nosed face, you can either love it, or hate it. There is no third option in this equation which involves a cement-mixer Mercedes-Benz truck.


The veteran truck that now belongs to Uwe Harms from the village of Jübek in Schleswig-Holstein, has not done any work in more than 50 years, even long before its current owner was even born. No wrinkles there, so that’s how we can explain the clean polished look of the cement mixer. 46-year old Uwe Harms says he just keeps it to drive around: “I just had to have a cement mixer. I’ve always had a strong emotional bond with these vehicles”, he tells.


Not exactly the usual supercar of our dreams, right? But Uwe Harm has got a background that explains his passion for trucks: his grandparents used to own a haulage company, that delivered raw material to a cement factory and transported finished concrete parts. The young Harms would spend every single spare minute of his time riding in his grandpa’s truck. And he had plenty occasions to do that. At the cement site, there was a large fleet of three-axle cement mixers. So the 91-year old Mercedes truck was just him keeping the teenage fire alive.

Whether this 1924 Mercedes truck is cute or scary, we can’t possibly decide. We let you do it for us. We trust you completely.

Photo credit: Roadstars