Totally insane. Russian vlogger burns his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S

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This is something that Mercedes-AMG fans should definitely not watch. It is heart-breaking even for the objective eyes of those who are not enthusiasts of the brand. A Russian vlogger burned his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S to the ground.

The sight of a Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S in flames is quite traumatic. Flames engulf the 4-Door Coupe, while the owner, Mikhail Litvin, enjoys a barbecue, only meters away from the car.

The fact that he set his luxury sporty car on fire is  a protest against the German brand. The vlogger has some 5 million subscribers on YouTube, so this is probably just a stunt to make the number greater than it already is. Almost 10 million people watched the 7 minute-and-38-second video in less than four days. Such figures on YouTube might bring him enough money to easily replace his AMG and even buy one more soon enough.

On previous vlogs, Mikhail complained about various issues that he had to deal with his car. He even claims that he sent it to a local Mercedes-AMG dealership five times, but the dealer refused to repair the car.

Mikhail parks his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S on a field outside town and starts pouring gas on it and around it. He even does that inside the car, just to make sure that it will burn to the ground.  He then makes a gasoline trail from the car to the spot where he will set the fire on. He uses the remaining gasoline for a barbecue. During the video, he shows up eating sausages while the car burns only meters away from him.


Not the first Russian vlogger to destroy his Mercedes-AMG

It is not the first time a Russian vlogger resorts to such extreme insane gestures. Last winter, another one dropped his Mercedes-AMG G63 from a helicopter, turning the iconic off-roader into a pile of steel and glass.

That stunt only got him 1.4 million views in 10 months.