The Top Luxury Car in America is a Truck!

Two Mercedes models in the Top 10 Best Selling Premium Cars in America
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America’s best selling luxury car is actually…. a truck! The move-out-of-the-way Ford F-Series got first place for a second consecutive year. But two Mercedes-Benz models found a place in the top ranking of the cars priced over $50 000 in the United States.

The E-Class and the M-Class are the Germans that stole each a spot in America’s best selling luxury cars ranking.

The solid, yet classical ML made its way into the 8th spot, with 43,010 models, eclipsing the $50,000 price, sold during the year that is soon coming to an end.

Best Selling Car in America

With road bullies all around, the delicate E-Class got an honorable podium rank. 67,006 units have been sold, easily cracking the $50,000 price tag.

Best Selling Car in America

Crumbling down all rivals with its intimidating looks, the Ford F-series pickup truck is the king of sales across the Atlantic, even though it is far from the plush SUV the Europeans would go for. Not long ago, it was just bare-bones. But attractive packages have been added to turn the pickup truck into a premium car. And naturally as drawing a breath, it has been priced accordingly.

189,776 vehicles have been sold in 2014, for a price of $50,000 and more. That sales number is three times bigger than the one attained by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan.

It’s all due to Ford’s aggressive campaign and efforts to broaden the luxury range, offering both farming versions like the “King Ranch” models starting at $25,000 or those targeting the more urban cowboys, like the “Platinium” model, easily blowing up the $50 000 barricade.

Best Selling Car in America

“The Americans want a car able to tow a bull trailer by day and look good at the valet stand by night”, says Truecar President, John Krafcik, justifying the American preference.

These are the best selling luxury cars in America:

10. GMC Sierra
9. BMW X5
8. Mercedes-Benz M-Class
7. Chevrolet Suburban
6. BMW 5-Series
5. Chevy Silverado
4. Chevy Tahoe
3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
2. Ram trucks
1. Ford F-Series