TOP 10 NEW Mercedes models without a direct predecessor

10 future Mercedes models
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  1. Mercedes A-Class coupe

There is a Mercedes SLK against BMW Z4 and Audi TT. It would remain enough market for a agile, sporty and powerful A-Class Coupe?
Mercedes has taken into consideration two possibilities:

  • A cheap version of A-Class Coupe based on the A-Class hatchback. But this solution was used in case of Mercedes C-Class Coupe which was positioned below C-Class saloon and the results were unsatisfactory.
  • A top version A-Class Coupe ready to fight against TT. Why not? SLK is a rear wheel drive roadster while a A-Class Coupe will be based on the MFA platform with front wheel drive and four wheel drive as an option. Auto Bild magazine has reported that Mercedes executives bet on the second idea.

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