TOP 10 NEW Mercedes models without a direct predecessor

10 future Mercedes models
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Ten new Mercedes models will be launched in the next 5 years which does not have a predecessor in the current Mercedes model range. The list include new compact models but also 100% electric propulsion models.

Twenty years ago, Mercedes has 12 model lines and today the number has reached to 20 model lines. But the number of new models which does not have a predecessor in the Mercedes range will increase even higher in the next years with another 12 models.

  1. Mercedes X-Class

This model should be a priority taking into consideration the explosive growth of this segment. The volume segment represented by Renault Captur, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka met the highest growth rate from all SUVs segments. In the premium segment, the things are also moving dramatically. Audi will launch the new Q1 in autumn and Mini will present the second generation Countryman also in this autumn.
Apparently, Mercedes does not have a platform suited for a such model due to the fact that MFA platform is expensive. The Renault Captur platform can be a solution but the experience Citan/Kangoo was not so successful especially in terms of safety. On the other side, a volume platform cannot offer the rigidity required by a premium car, even in the price region of 24,000 euros.

Discussing the problem from a different angle, BMW has used the new UKL plaform for cars from 3.7 meter long to 4.5 meters long. But UKL platform is more flexible and in essence we do not speak about a platform in the old sense of the word.

The solution can be an adapted MFA platform mated with Renault small petrol and diesel engines.
You can read more about the future X-Class here.

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