All Time Stars – Vintage Mercedes-Benz cars for sale

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Ladies and gentlemen, please step in! This world you thought long gone is awaiting. Star-cars of the Mercedes-Benz history are here for all to see and… to buy! Anything you got your eyes set on?

Mercedes-Benz Museum is selling classic cars from all eras, by the help of the website. You might think that they are just simple exhibits once you purchase them. Well, not exactly. Every vintage Mercedes will leave its exhibition place on its own wheels, as they undergo thorough inspections based on a comprehensive 160-item checklist. All boxes must be ticked, otherwise, a defect or some blemish might slip. The experts at the Mercedes-Benz Museum will also provide transparent information on what has been modified in the vehicle and what is still original, since the moment it was handed over to its very first owner.

An ancient model, the Type 630 Kompressor from 1929, is on the sales list. That is every part a classic.

At the opposite end, there is what we might call a baby among all these seniors: a 1995 E 320 convertible.

All cars available are classified into three categories that makes condition and authenticity easy to identify for those who are interested.

  • Premium Edition: classic cars in rare original condition with very few miles on the clock and vehicles that have been lovingly restored by the experts at Mercedes-Benz Classic in Fellbach/Stuttgart.
  • Collectors Edition: these cars are in excellent condition both technically and visually.
  • Drivers Edition: vintage vehicles and modern classics suitable for everyday driving, all meeting the tech regulations for going out on the road, but still open to restoration work.

The oldest car in the park is by far the most precious one. The Mercedes-Benz 630 saw the light of day almost nine decades ago. It first went on sale in October 1928 for a price of 2,000 reichsmark. Several years ago, the automobile was converted into what you see today: an open-top tourer, with its engine massively refurbished. It comes with a FIVA identity card and is offered in an impecable condition.

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The baby of the collection, the E 320 convertible, is an export version with around 31,000 miles (50,000 km) on the clock and comes, of course, in an immaculate condition as well, leather upholstery included. The four-seater convertible is highly recommended for everyday use as soon as it leaves the Stuttgart showroom.

A Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, recently restored at Mercedes-Benz Classic Service & Parts, is offered in a seldom color combo with 86.000 kilometers on the clock.

So what are you driving to work tomorrow?