This is THOR and Mercedes-Benz Claims It Is World’s Most Advanced Frontal Crash Test Dummy

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Mercedes-Benz presents what they call “the most advanced frontal crash test dummy in the world.” The post on Instagram though gives massive Lewis Hamilton vibes.

This is THOR, with the latter in the name standing for Test Device for Human Occupant Restraint. The structure of the test dummy comes closer to the human body than any predecessor before. The safety experts explain that, for instance, the range of movement of the shoulders is very realistic. Engineers like “him” because, with more measurement options, “he” helps them to make cars safer from generation to generation.

The post on Instagram sparked humorous reactions from some of the 36.3 million followers of the premium brand’s social media account. “Neah, that’s just Lewis HamilTHOR,” says one of the users.

“LH44 of test dummies!” another one writes. “He will really be T(H)ORN after the crash” is the idea one Instagramer comes with. A young woman says she “would definitely go out to crash party with him,” because he is so “cool.”

Another one makes fun of the whole situation: “Oh, Lewis, that’s a wild way to enjoy the off-season.” Actually, Lewis Hamilton is enjoying the off-season after the DNF in Abu Dhabi. The seven-time Formula 1 World Champion posted a video of himself blowing some steam while overspeeding on an express road and doing donuts in a closed car park in Tokyo. That post did not have so many amusing comments, as people slammed the pro driver for irresponsible driving.

Users remind Mercedes-Benz that Volvo also used the Thor designation. But that was not for a crash test dummy. Back in 2013, the Swedish premium carmaker found inspiration in the Scandinavian mythology for the name of their light signature. The brand’s models’ headlights follow the lines of the Scandinavian god hammer.



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