This is the time-machine! Go classic with the Legends App

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There are people who say they came too late into the world. Because the missed the music of the 70s, the vintage fashion and the retro cars. But what if they got a second chance?

The Legends Club by Mercedes-Benz is taking you back in time via a contemporary time machine: the Legends App.

How does it work?

Vehicles can be reserved by using the Legends App, with which the members can also check the vehicle availability.

A whole fleet of Mercedes-Benz classics, but Porsche 911 and Ford Mustangs as well, is available for those who want to get behind the wheel. The club members can book a classic by using the application and picking up the car from an international location. The procedure would follow the car-sharing principle and the car of your dreams would only be a few clicks away.

Legends App

What is the purpose?

Legends App wants to bring together a community of vintage cars enthusiasts, but do not own one for various reasons: space, money, inconvenience.

“The Legends Club is designed to help them simply enjoy life and have fun trying out these unique cars without having to worry about where to keep them or see to any repairs”, says Patrick Planing, Project Manager at Daimler Business Innovation.

How many cars?

There are currently 34 vehicles, new- and old-school, at the Sindelfinger-Mainchingen. It all started back in October and are well taken care of by people with plenty of expertise in maintaining classics. The club offers members an exclusive lounge as a perfect space to meet up and talk about vintage automobiles, but also exclusive events such as classic car competitions, picnics, whiskey tasting and tech workshops.