This is the short list of Mercedes models which won’t receive an AMG variant

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Mercedes-Benz has announced that the B-Class minivan and the EQC electric SUV are among the few German models that will not receive AMG versions.

The Mercedes-AMG division has recently launched numerous performance versions for Mercedes-Benz models, so the manufacturer’s range has become very crowded.

Almost every Mercedes-Benz model has become a target for an AMG version, as the manufacturer’s goal is to provide as many options for customers. However, there are at least two models that will not receive AMG versions, at least not in the very near future.

The first on the list is the EQC electric SUV. According to statements made by Tobias Moers, head of the Mercedes-AMG division, the EQC will only receive an AMG Line package that will bring additional sportsmanship visually, but the technical package of over 400 horsepower will not be improved as it is already sufficient and powerful.

Meanwhile, the same is true for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class minivan, due to the fact that this model is dedicated especially to families, so a performance version would not have the expected success.

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Even so, it is possible that the model will receive an AMG Line package, through which the aesthetics of the B-Class will be improved by visual options, without these being supplemented by technical improvements.

However, it is not clear when aforementioned Mercedes-AMG Line packages will be launched.