This is the new Mercedes-Benz eActros – The zero-emission truck of the future

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The new Mercedes-Benz eActros is celebrating its world premiere. It is the first series-production truck with a three-pointed star logo.

Mercedes-Benz eActros is starting a new era in the segment. The battery of the vehicle comes with either a three- or four-unit pack, each with an energy capacity of around 105 kWh. The maximum battery capacity is of 420 kWh, providing ranges of up to 400 kilometers.

The drive unit integrates a rigid electric axle with two integrated liquid-cooled electric motors and a two-speed transmission. The motors develop a continuous output of 330 kW and a peak performance of 400 kW. If the driver goes for a foresighted style of driving, the recuperation system enables the vehicle to recover energy during braking.

Mercedes-Benz also accounts the new eActros with a low center of gravity that makes the vehicle dynamic and easily maneuverable. Plus, even in full-load operations, drivers benefit from a noise reduction of 10 dB inside the cab. Compared to a diesel truck, there are also significantly fewer vibrations.

The battery pack of the new Mercedes-Benz eActros can charge with up to 160 kW. When connected to a regular 400A DC charging station, the three-battery pack needs little more than an hour to charge from 20 to 80%.

The zero-emission truck is part of an eco-system which provides companies with advice and services, as well as a range of digital solutions, especially designed to increase capacity utilization of the vehicle and optimize the total cost of ownership.

Onboard the new Mercedes-Benz eActros

Onboard, driver will benefit from the presence of the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive, standard equipment in the new eActros. It supplies relevant date on the battery level energy and remaining range.

The model is also a step forward in terms of safety. It comes with an aluminum profile protection for the batteries in the event of a side-on crash. There are sensors in them that detect a possible crash scenario. In such case, the system automatically isolates the battery from the rest of the vehicle.

The new Mercedes-Benz eActros is standardly equipped with an external Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System and Sideguard Assist. Meanwhile, Active Brake Assist emergency braking system includes pedestrian detection.

The model will roll off the assembly line in Worth am Rheiin in Germany starting this fall.