This is the 2016 E-Class Estate. T-Modell revealed in first spy pics

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All-new 2016 E-Class Estate has been spied for the first time. The upcoming T-Modell is wearing surprisingly light camouflage which might suggest it will debut alongside its sedan sibling.

The white prototype reveals a silhouette which successfully mimics that of the smaller C-Class T-Modell, the only detail that seems to differentiate the E-Class from its sibling being its tauter, slightly sportier proportions. We’ve also noticed the particularly large sunroof which extends as far back as possible over the rear seats.

The all-new E-Class is expected to inherit the MRA modular platform from the W205 C-Class with the wheelbase extended for superior interior space. The engine line will be all-new for the E-Class, also mimicking the C-Class’ collection of fresh petrols and diesels. Following BMW’s lead, the new units will be developed on the modular principle as three-, four-, and six-cylinder units constructed from a multiple of identical 0.5-liter cylinders. The car should also use the new nine-speed automatic transmission.

The base 4-cylinder engine will be lifted straight from the smaller sibling, while an all-new generation of diesels (OM654) are set to replace the current OM 651 range. Mercedes is also said to be going back to its L6 roots, developing a new twin-turbo inline-6 engine (M256). This is expected to replace the current V6 units and develop as much as 430 PS. At the top of the range will sit the AMG sourced 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 in slightly detuned form and 421 PS, effectively replacing the 408 PS 4.7-liter found in today’s E500/E550 models. The AMG 63 model will also receive the very same AMG GT sourced engine (without the dry sump lubrication), but in top 510 PS guise.

The commercial debut is slated for early 2016, which can only translate to an official premiere at next year’s Detroit or Geneva motor show.

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