This is it! The 2021 Mercedes S-Class revealed with no camo

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The all-new 2021 Mercedes S-Class has been revealed online. Yes, the future Mercedes-Benz flagship has been exposed to our sight without the slightest camouflage.

The two big Mercedes sedans are preparing for improvements. On the mid-size E-Class, we are talking about a mid-career revival that will rejuvenate the rival of the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. Thanks to a recent leak, we have already noticed its particularly impressive new grille compared to the one we are currently experiencing (which was launched almost four years ago).

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On the side of the big S-Class, it is definitely a model revival that is preparing behind the scenes. It will take a long time to meet the more modern competitors from Audi and BMW: remember that the A8 was launched just over two years ago and that the 7 Series recently received its mid-career reset (with a now famous giant double bean grille). The new S-Class is expected to be officially unveiled a little later this year, after the Geneva Motor Show where its little brother E-Class will be playing the star role of the Mercedes stand.

Already here
But not worth the wait anymore. Thanks to a photo taken at the factory of the future 2021 Mercedes S-Class (and exposed on Instagram), you can already contemplate the next limousine of the brand with the star. And like the restyled E-Class, this next S-Class will carry a very large grille. This will probably make it an excellent base for ultra-luxurious Maybach versions. It remains to know what technological innovations this next S-Class will embark on. Of course, you can already discover some of them in the article below.

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