Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Concept leaked and it’s not a GLS

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Mercedes-Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury concept was leaked online one week before its world premiere in Beijing. And it does preview a new Maybach, but with a twist.

Now we can already view the new study model from all angles and it sure is not the GLS preview we were expecting.

Earlier this week we reported Mercedes will be unveiling a thinly veiled GLS concept, showing the company’s vision on what the future ultra luxury version of the new full-size SUV, wearing the Mercedes-Maybach badge, is expected to look like.

maybach-beijing (5)

Instead what we got is a rather weird elevated sedan in the style of the Volvo S60 Cross Country. The Vision Ultimate Luxury, which we can now view extensively, follows a similar recipe, but is still completely on the other side of the luxury spectrum.

The Vision Ultimate Luxury is in fact a high sedan, but one that is extremely luxuriously decorated. The car has a historically responsible, two-part rear window, an abundance of chrome, bizarre turbine wheels and an impressive nose. Here and there you can see lines that may resemble the new CLS.

maybach-beijing (4)

What is this concept supposed to preview is now more of a mistery as the next best candidate would be the future S-Class – sans the elevated ride height, of course.

The interior is also stuffed with seemingly the most beautiful materials. Leather, LEDs, extremely comfortable-looking seats: the picture seems complete. Especially when you take a look at the teapot with accompanying cups that has been given a place on the midtunnel that runs throughout the entire length of the interior. We still have to wait for extensive information. Come back next week for a full update.

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