This Is How the Mercedes-Benz G-Class Became a Pickup Truck

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You all know the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Unless you have been living under a rock since 1979, that is. Well, forget what you know about it for a couple of minutes. Because here comes the G-Class pickup truck.

No, Mercedes did not change their minds after the Nissan-Navara-based X-Class. They’ve learned their lesson well and discontinued the Nissan Navara-based pickup truck.

And no, it’s not a reiteration of the absurd G 63 6×6 either.

It’s not them that did it this time, but Pit26 Motorsports. The team over there thought the G-Class has the personality and abilities to fit in the shoes of a pickup truck. So they stretched the wheelbase and fitted a load bed at the back after cutting “the vehicle directly behind the rear seats.” This is how the pickup truck is 20 inches (508 millimeters) longer than the G-Class that rolls off the assembly line of the Magna Steyr plant in Austria.

Pit26 claim that they used OEM parts for the build, trying to keep the G-ish nature of the vehicle as much as possible. The team also worked on the suspension, fitting new upper and lower control arms, but also Bilstein shocks and coils. That’s how they added 9 inches (229 millimeters) of ground clearance. What kept it ground, literally, is the “factory level steering geometry.”

Either 18- or 20-inch wheels are on the menu, both with Toyo tires. There is a winch in the front bumper, while a spare tire carrier shows up at the rear.

A roof top tent is available. So are a roof rack with KC auxiliary lights, a dual bicycle rack, and an electric side step.

The vehicle you see here is based on either the latest generation G 550 or the G 63, both sporting V8s. Pit26 mentions performance tweaks as well. But that is as far as they go with the info. All we know is that it took them more than 1,100 man-hours to build this.

What you see in the photos starts at $385,000.