These are the commercials that car makers will air at the Super Bowl

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Mercedes is back at the Super Bowl, after a one-year break and will be advertising the company’s new convertible beast, the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster, in a video directed by the Oscar-awarded Coen Brothers, starring legendary actor Peter Fonda. Ford, Kia, Lexus, Audi, Toyota and Honda are the other car manufacturers that shall show up on the screen on the big night.

Every year, the NFL final goes down in history as one of the best viewed events shown on TV. This year’s big night is going to make it to the top, Fox estimates, as the TV channel asks in excess of $5 million for 30 seconds of advertising.

Mercedes skipped last year’s Super Bowl, but is back on the screen this year, with the GT C Roadster, launched last summer. In search of summer, the company estimates that sales figures will double after they will have aired the short video directed by the Coen brothers. Actor Peter Fonda is the driver that fits the personality of the car: Born to be wild!

Ford will air the company’s advertising video just before kickoff. Under the motto “Go further”, Ford presents the company as both a car maker and a mobility partner, bringing to the attention of the viewers super cars, electric vehicles, car sharing and autonomous cars.

Lexus comes with a metaphore, showing that the lines of company’s new LC 500 and LC 500 h coupes resemble the human body exactly. During the second quarter, Toyota’s luxury branch will broadcast a 30-second second film that also shows the brand-new LS 500 sedan.

Hollywood beauty Miranda Kerr shows up in the commercial for the cars that match her looks: the new Buick SUV, Encore, together with the Cascada cabriolet get all the attention that the kids would normally get during a school game.

Audi is emphasizing family values and quality time in its Super Bowl commercial. The video presented with the title “Daughter” shows a girl winning a race, motivated by her father’s drive, the Audi S5.

Toyota will also be present at the 51st edition of the Super Bowl, promoting its latest creation, the Mirai. The spot called “Daisy” and shown during the first half will only be for the Californians, that can currently buy the fuel-celled sedan. Still watching the 50-second film is definitely not a waste of time.

One more Japanese car maker will make it to the big night of the American football. Honda will showcase its 2017 CR-V, taking viewers down the memory lane all the way to high-school to speak of their dreams before they became famous.