The winter ain’t over yet – It’s playtime for the Mercedes G-Class

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The winter ain’t over until the Mercedes-Benz G-Class says so. So it is still mid-winter for the boxy SUV that went outside to play in the snow.

The two cars that started off, an AMG and a vehicle in standard guise, look like a puppies seeing snow for the very first time, don’t they? Or better let’s make those big Saint Bernard. Ain’t no snow deep enough for these rugged SUVs. The solid body, massive wheels and reliable four-wheel drive will get them anywhere other SUVs would not even dare, so one can’t accuse these two of following in others’ traces.

The cars are throwing wave-like snow aside to make their way through snow banks and its drifts look like dancing to the “Earth” melody by Ukranian artist Tatreal. The drivers taking turns can only guess what lies beneath the layers of crud, but no matter what it is, the trip goes on and on.

The V8 biturbo engine of the Mercedes-AMG G 63 now delivers 571 HP instead of the previous output of 544 HP. So there is plenty of power to work with in the snow, as the video shows.

The Russians have done it, too, this winter. They took the G out to play in the Siberian cold. Check it out in this article: Mighty G 55 AMG plays in the snow. Straightforward Russian review.