The video that makes you want more of the Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT
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Oh, come one, are you doing this on purpose? It’s just one of those videos meant to make your eyes glue to the screen and make you check the Mercedes websites in order to find out the price of the car.

What in the world are these guys doing? We literally can’t stop watching, even though we know the sensual lines and the staggering figures of this super car by heart already.

The Mercedes-AMG GT has been taken for a spin again. This time, the racetrack is actually a warehouse, before the Polish journalists from Autogaleria let the powerful lion roar out on the highway and then into the jungle of the city. Just look at it! For as many times as you wish.

We only have one disillusion. The music is not bad, but it just drowns out the exhaust sound.