The “Urban Hunter” CLA Shooting Brake reaches Brussels

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake
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A new weekend, a new stop for the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake, on its road trip around the world. The car reached Brusells just in time for the MB team to see the spring bloom into summer.

Brussels may not bring the historical air of Paris, nor the trendy atmosphere of Milan or the fabulous exterior design of Gaudi’s Barcelona. But it brings contemporary art jut as much. A young Antwerp-based artist, Frederik Heyman, sees in the CLA more than it already is. His mesmerizing perspective is not technical, nor practical.

The video he has made „plays – he says – with the perception of the CLA Shooting Brake”, its pulsing heartbeat of a soundtrack „composed entirely of the sounds of the car.” He converted his ideas into a video that displays a piece of silk smoothly floating through the air until it becomes one with the bonnet of the Mercedes-Benz automobile.

CLA Shooting Brake Brussels

To better understand the origin of the visionary video, the MB team makes a stop at a one-stop shop. The 4000 square meter cement monotlith is the SMETS Premium Store, that houses fashion, design, art and beauty shops, but it also shelters a lounge bar and a restaurant. A space in which all of the senses are awakened, inspired and ultimately satisfied. The space where Frederik Heyman created his video of the “Urban Hunter”.

CLA Shooting Brake Brussels

During the art event, guests were allowed to take the CLA Shooting Brake for a spin, to check the best of Brussels while feeling the sporty comfort of the Mercedes-Benz car.

And since we mentioned the best of Brussels, we can’t possibly skip this. The tourists manage to track down some iconic landmarks of the city wrapped in signs of late spring and reach the heaven of the world famous Belgian chocolate.

The city break in Brussels is only one stop of the few that the CLA Shooting Brake will do around the biggest cities of the world, like Frankfurt – standing for connectivity, Paris – standing for interior design, Barcelona for exterior design, Milan for driving dynamics, Brussels for comfort and Tokyo for safety. Galleries, bars, restaurants, fashion venues or concept stores are the targets of the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake “City Hunter”.

Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz