The untamed beast. New video of the Mercedes-AMG GT3

Mercedes-AMG GT3 video
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If you feel like you just can’t get enough of it, this video has been released to quench your thirst for adrenaline rush a little bit. A day after displaying the supercar in Geneva, Mercedes-Benz is releasing a longer video of the racer.

The wait is a killer. The drone-shooting video takes a whole half of a second before the car actually starts. Coming out of the pits straight into the racetrack, the Mercedes-AMG GT3 rushes into fast lanes and corners like it is devouring them inch by inch, hungry to take a bite of the rivals. And it shows bright perspective, since the perilously looking hood shelters an AMG 6.3 V8 engine with racing genes in its DNA.

With the rear flap shining in the barely looming sun, the next generation sport racing car takes off, sweeping the race track and covering lap after lap, until long after sunset. If you see those headlights in the rear window, just move out of the way. This is so not your every day drag race.

The latest Mercedes-AMG car made first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. It brought the Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche on the stage. Herr Zetsche stated this was a car that you either use ear plugs for, or listen to the AMG music all the way. “That’s how we make sure everybody is awake.”

Bringing home 187 victories, the SLS AMG GT3 has an pure blood successor, providing sheer power and sheer emotion, with its bold design and groundbreaking technology. And as much as it may look like a muscle car, the latest GT3 from Mercedes-AMG features a lightweight architecture, made almost entirely of carbon-fiber, and an lightweight, yet rigid aluminium spaceframe.

Built according to the FIA’s GT3 rules and standards, the supercar will be delivered to the first customer by the end of 2015, so the teams can take it to the starting line in the 2016 season.


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