The unbreakable Mercedes SUV – the genes of success

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The Mercedes-Benz GLE and the GLE Coupe have the genes of succcess under that bonnet of theirs. To help customers peel the secrets off them, Mercedes-Benz USA has just launched two TV commercials to promote the giants.

Spectacular things happen when worlds collide. This exciting new commercial from Mercedes-Benz introduces the world to the utterly distinct GLE Coupe – a vehicle that shares the DNA of their legendary sports cars as well as that of their rugged and durable SUV’s.

In the video, a sporty Mercedes-AMG GT S and a bull G 63 AMG seem to slam into each other at full speed. But there is no crash! From the smoke and mist they raise, the GLE Coupe, a Mercedes SUV, with a heart and soul of a race car, is born shining its way into showrooms.

The second video promotes the Mercedes-Benz GLE as one of the most intelligent SUVs the Stuttgart brand has ever made, as well as one of the toughest.

This new commercial from Mercedes-Benz shows the vehicle tested and re-tested over and over again until it reaches perfection in terms of aerodynamics, safety and technology. Smashed, dropped and driven, shaken, rattled and poled, put through rain and cold and dust, it was set to become the perfect marriage of advanced safety and driving features you’d expect from a class-leading vehicle that seems unbreakable.