The ultimate power house – The Mercedes-AMG family

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Meet the family! It is the most powerful family in the history of the car industry! With a breathtaking portofolio, Mercedes-AMG has brought to the road a world of the untamed horsepower.

43. 45. 63. 65. They may seem just random figures to anyone, but they are like the bible of the automotive for a petrolhead. The Affalterbach-based company AMG is promoting the company’s entire portofolio, the most comprehensive in history, bringing all its vehicles in a warehouse.

The ultimate power house brings gazillions horse power onto the screen, churned out by V6 and V8 units. The cars start drifting and dancing their way into the camera, throwing water aside and making brutal sounds

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S, the GT S, the GLC 63 and many other primadonnas carry themselves with pride in the 1 minute and 12 seconds breath-taking video produced by the company. All black and white with a splash of red.