The tiny smart makes it big in America

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The tiniest of cars makes it big in a big city. The videos show the smarts running around all kinds of cities, Washington included. With a price starting at $14,650 in the US, the smart sounds like a smart option across the Ocean.

city smart Manifesto

The „city smart Manifesto” promotional video shows the smart fortwo cabriolet in hot cities. Cool cities. Break-all-the-rules cities. Dark cities. Impossible-to-park cities. Green cities. Grey cities. What-a-lovely-day cities. Happy cities. Zappy cities. Every-kind-of-city cities. A car designed entirely with the city in mind. Some might call it crazy. We call it smart. City smart.

It’s small enough, smart enough…cool, colorful, and stylish enough…techy enough, peppy enough…fun, efficient, and robust enough to handle the challenges of driving in any city.


Two smarts fortwo drive in paralllel right outside the Capitol esplanade in Washington. „Makes U-turns quicker than the politicians”, the video ad says.

The caption adds: the 2016 smart fortwo coupe. So nimble, it’ll turn on a dime… With a turn circle of just 6.95 m, it comes pretty close! So fuel-efficient, it’ll drive two miles on a dime’s worth of gas.


The smart fortwo goes up, the drum just unloaded from an SUV trunk goes down. “Smart from any angle”, the commercial claims, while advertising for the car with a tiny yet perfect form, jam-packed with innovations – like Hill-Start Assist – to get you through the ups and downs of city driving.


A girl looking like the perfect book worm, listening to hard rock inside an itsy-bitsy-cutie smart fortwo. It can’t get any weirder than that… But the street-shaking JBL sound system makes the car small in size, huge on cool custom options.