The snowroom – Mercedes-Benz showroom opens on top of the mountain

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Mercedes-Benz targets the snow enthusiasts with a showroom on top a mountain. It happens in Australia. The Mercedes-Benz Star Lodge opens to public this weekend. The unconventional showroom was raised in snow, on Mount Buller, Victoria. The premium car maker is the official vehicle partner of the mountain resort.

Mount Buller is Australia’s most accessible all season alpine resort, located just a 3-hour drive from Melbourne, Victoria.

The three-pointed star hut, recently opened in the resort, gives skiers and boarders the possibility to defrost after a session on the snowy slopes of the mountain, wrapped in warm blankets, to charge their phones and enjoy the panorama.

Mercedes-Benz showroom snowroom (3)

The hut is something between a Nordic spa, a luxury airport lounge and a Mercedes-Benz vehicle interior. There are air vents exactly like those on-board the cars, pumping warm air into the lounge. The room highlights the resemblance with the interior of the company’s cars by the presence of ambient lighting, provided by a system similar to the Energizing Comfort Control.

All this time, the TV set mounted on the wall plays advertising material for the company’s products.

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Located 1,700 meters above sea level, the best thing about the mountain lodge seems to be the breathtaking views. A telescope gives visitors the chance to check the all-white and bright surroundings.

“With the Star Lodge, we give not just our customers, but every visitor a subtle taste of the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle, with an invitation to enjoy our warm hospitality”, says Mercedes-Benz Australia-Pacific CEO, Horst von Sanden.