The smart electric drive becomes a VIP in the “smart electric symphony”

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The first brand to electrify its entire line-up, smart, brought all its family members on the stage of the Festival of Lights in the heart of Berlin. The cars played the part of a giant mixing console on which the electronic DJ Chris Beckker played a track especially composed for the event.

The three smarts on the stage moved to the beat and were electrified by flashes of lights. “As a pioneer of urban electric mobility, this is a great way for us to draw attention to agile and attractive driving pleasure. With our smart electric drive family we want to ‘switch people on’ to electric vehicles and inspire them,” stated Daniel Lescow, head of brand and product management at smart.

By driving forwards and backwards to the “smart electric symphony”, they brought onto the stage a magical choreography in black and flashing green. Set to change the perspective on metropolitan driving and car fleets, the smart electric drive comes with all the advantages of the tiny vehicles, like easy handling and parking and low maintenance costs.

smart electric drive

The emission-free smart electric drive models premiered at the Paris Motor Show at the beginning of October, making the “smart electric symphony” one of the first public events to showcase the vehicles ahead of their market launch.

The smart electric drive urban cars are set to start their launch campaign at the beginning of 2017, under the motto “The new smart electric drive models. A big idea. Fully electric.”