The smart effect – Cars shrink to help you park

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Sometimes, we all need a helping hand when parking in tight spots. Well, not you and me, of course, we are geniuses of tight parking. But those in the videos apparently do.

The latest smart TV ad shows cars shrinking at the back and at the front to help the drivers park easier. The smart has always lived with the promise that the driver can squeeze the car in just about any parking space. Those who spend minute after minute searching for a place to leave the car would surely appreciate its 106-inch length of the 2016 smart fortwo microcar. Therefore, the marketing department in smart, came up with what seems to be a magic trick. Parallel parking between cars that shrink to make room for every vehicle. There is a Mercedes-Benz C-Class wagon at the back and a Citan van at the front, that welcome their new parking mate and give the surprised driver more space to work with while fitting his car in.

We don’t actually want to trick you into believing this is a magic trick. The C-Class and the Citan are cars especially fabricated for the TV ad. And we are not talking about special effects either. The two cars feature a modified chassis and body shell that shrink them just like an accordion. The video was shot in Lisbon, Portugal, and it is needless to say that the shrinking procedure left drivers and pedestrians puzzled. Well, being a smart driver has its perks, apparently.

“We can’t shrink all cars – the video says. But we can shrink yours.” This is the smart effect.