The retro version of the new Mercedes EQS is a 1972 Mercedes 280SE Electric

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The Mercedes EQS is currently getting all the attention. Its sci-fi looks and impressive range and equipment are all the rage right now in the car industry. But a Mercedes 280 SE from 40 years ago seems to be a retro version of the EQS.

Decades ago, there was no EV. There was no Sport mode in the Mercedes-Benz range. The cars were all about comfort, luxury and innovation. Some boasted high performance levels. But a Mercedes 280 SE from 1972 is defying the passing of time with a unique conversion. The luxury sedan became electric. A video showing the tweaks showed up on the Greg Goes Electric YouTube channel.

The car received the battery and the powertrain from a 2013 Nissan Leaf. If it sounds discouraging, think that the Mercedes 280SE was never a sports car. The German engineers designed it to provide a smooth silent cruising. The transformation brings no loss in performance. That is because the powertrain of the electric Nissan provides the Benz with a run from a standstill to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 9.1 seconds. That is just about the same as the figure of the original car. The top speed is 93 mph (150 km/h).

The Mercedes 280SE Electric has a somewhat strange interior

The Mercedes 280SE Electric also received un upgrade on the suspension, on the ABS and on the power steering. They also fitted a GPS-based navigation and a reverse camera, plus Apple CarPlay connection. LED interior lighting and an electric park brake are also part of the menu. The car comes with – of course – a charging port beneath the rear license plate and quick charging capabilities. We do have our doubts though regarding the steering wheel. Its top section simply vanished. They surely have not seen it in the new EQS.

To spring confusion, the boot lid wears an “All electric” logo on the opposite side from the “280SE” indicative. Other than that, from outside, you would not guess a thing. Until you watch it drive and not hear a single thing.