The portable office. Mercedes-Benz V-Class by Redline Engineering

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Russian tuning specialist REDLINE Engineering is among the first customizing companies to touch the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class minivan. The portable office, as Redline describes it, has been tailored to the exact specifications of an anonymous customer.

At first, the client was planning on buying a finished car, but in that case he would inevitably have to rework his car or simply bear with certain inconveniences.

The task that was set by the client was both simple and complicated. It was required to organize the most comfortable place for two travelling passengers and organize the private zone where four people will be able to negotiate.

REDLINE Engineering had a creative approach when delivering the project and made up a new concept in the field of constructing “Offices on wheels”. The partition wall they have developed and installed makes it possible to keep the original layout of saloon elements. If necessary, it is possible to take out front seats or leave only one of them. The wall is fitted with an electro chromic glass, transparency of which could be adjusted at any moment according to the owner’s desire.

Mercedes V-Class tuning interior

In addition to the partition wall, they have replaced rear seats with a comfortable sofa from luxury sedan. It resulted in higher comfort level, comparable with a luxury passenger car.

Among the other modifications made by the Russian tuning company we noticed the digital TV-tuner with sub-antenna, that provides strong signal for digital TV channels, the complete illumination of the passenger’s zone, installation of internet access equipment (Wi-Fi router) and VIP noise insulation.

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