The perfect hotel (v)room – Mercedes-Benz World

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‘’I would like a room with a view to the racetrack, please!’’ The receptionists of this hotel have been hearing this for ages. It is Brooklands, Surrey, inside the Mercedes-Benz World, just 30 minutes from London. A hotel that offers panoramas to the racetrack where the AMGs go vroom-vroom all day long.

The hotel overlooks the historic Brooklands racing track, the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit. It is the place where Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS occasionally tests the racing cars, so there is a big chance for tourists to see the fireball for next year months ahead of its official presentation.

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Now the racetrack is part of the Mercedes-Benz World, a museum stuffed with classic cars, including super sporty ones, some of them once belonging to the famous actor, comedian and singer, Peter Sellers.

42 rooms and 6 feet large beds, walls and furniture covered in leather and shiny chrome. It’s specific to the racing world, so who would dare protest, when the horse power is racing right outside their windows?

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The clientele of the venue is largely male, so that explains the place’s sense of fashion. Petrolheads that want to hear engines as a white noise before falling asleep.

And yet, the biggest car enthusiast on the site that weekend was a woman. “I think my son enjoys coming here,” she says, “but ultimately it’s just an excuse for me. This place is my idea of heaven. I had to sell my 1983 Mercedes SL280 when I started a family, broke my heart.”

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A spin onboard an automatic 4-wheel drive Mercedes and a wonderfully calm instructor are the right package for any amateur. That’s how they get to love every minute of the ride through 10 acres of motoring challenges.

The entrance into the Mercedes-Benz World is free of charge. Guided tours are offered to tourists on weekends. But getting onboard a car is 45 pounds per hour. Children must be at least 1.5 meters tall to get inside the car. A family of two adults and a child must pay almost 400 pounds for the one-night accommodation, breakfast and driving sessions.