The off-road smart

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We’ve been talking about Gs and four-wheel drive, but this little guy is braving the off-road on its own… rear-wheel drive.

This video shows that a smart electric drive can do just as much as a giant off-roader and even more. Well, sort of…

The off-road smart runs up steep upgrades covered with withered high grass and falls back in a speedy rush. We suppose that’s just for the fun of it.

It jumps off cliffs and bumps its nose a bit. But we bet his insurance covers of it. But if the driver flips it over, the car just needs a push to be flipped back.

Back in the city, it’s the smart on top. A huge SUV fails to fit in a tight parking spot. But the off-roader wannabe smart dents the border stone a bit and set in perfectly.

The aftermath is simple. Quick charging, zero emissions and a piece of advice as standard fit: just don’t take it in the of-road!

Could it be the first TV commercial that show that a product is not good for just anything? Thumb up, Mercedes-Benz! Now let’s test a Maybach in the off-road, how about that?