The off-road limousine – A Mercedes-Benz S-Class becomes a monster truck

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How to turn a limousine into an off-road vehicle? You lift it up on a set of gigantic wheels and put a bull bar in front of it. Simple as that. But can you actually picture how the off-road limousine would look? Someone already has!

It can only happen in Russia, the land of the luxurious eccentricities. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class W140 manufactured in 1992 does not even come close to the vehicle that rolled out the assembly line 24 years ago. It now features a massive bull bar that keeps the hazard out of the bonnet and the grille area. There are projector lights under the grille, so the driver can spot whatever bump or ditch that there might be in the off-road. A special off-road suspension puts the car further from the ground.

On the sides, the off-road limousine got silver protection panels and special thresholds.

Even though it shelters a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 322 HP and 479 Nm of torque, the former-limousine-current-monster-truck can’t run faster than 140 km/h. No information whether the standard rear-wheel drive has been converted into a four-wheel drive fit for an off-roader.

Bigfoot was presented at the last year’s Offroad Show in Moscow.