The night club Mercedes CLS

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The Japanese have a total different perspective on tuning, that helps them create those eye-catching tuned cars. And yet, no one would expect a night club rolling on wheels. L-Kobo covered a Mercedes-Benz CLS in tiny shiny crystals and fitted it with discotheque lights.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS used to be the perfect mix between sporty and classy, but it’s been reduced to a mobile night club. The last time we’ve seen anything like this was in the ‘90s and it was called a disco-ball.

The Japanese tuning house L-Kobo partnered up with Carlsson and Essen in order to send this shiny globe onto the road. This is how the Mercedes-Benz CLS got a glitzy wrap, a massive tail wing, while the multi-beam headlights, together with the taillights, have been reworked, now having the ability to flash continuously.

The thresholds and underbody of the 4-door coupe got night club lighting system as well, just like the multi-spoke wheels. The grille is now changing color tones from red to green and back, with the three-pointed star constantly keeping a blue glossy shade. The only parts that escaped the twist are the exhaust pipes.

No word on the price of the remodeling, but something tells us that we don’t necessarily need to know.